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Although I don't speak Hakka (one of my PhD advisors studied a Hong Kong Hakka dialect, so I have a vague idea about it) I live surrounded by Hakka people, in Guangdong, and I go frequently to Taiwan for work. In Taiwan, I noticed that the HSR announcements in Hakka sounded very different from the "regular" Hakka I can hear in Guangdong. There's a bunch of ...


I had a second (tenth?) listen, and extracted the sound to an mp3. Then I put this through Praat. I noticed something interesting: This is the first occurrence of 來, around 72 seconds in: 齐家吃开晓来称赞 This is the second occurrence of 來, around 121 seconds in: 明星或歌星日日来帮衬 The first one is definitely [lɔi], whereas the second one is definitely [lei], and ...

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