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I had a second (tenth?) listen, and extracted the sound to an mp3. Then I put this through Praat. I noticed something interesting: This is the first occurrence of 來, around 72 seconds in: 齐家吃开晓来称赞 This is the second occurrence of 來, around 121 seconds in: 明星或歌星日日来帮衬 The first one is definitely [lɔi], whereas the second one is definitely [lei], and ...


Hainan Chicken rice would work coz this is just a dish of cooked rice and chicken mixing together plus some chicken oil to make it smell good… u could find it in Singapore or other SE Asian countries where there are Chinese, and of course the Hainan province of China


I'm a native speaker of Mandarin and I asked someone who speaks Hakka, hope this can help. 1. It seems there is a problem with your translation. "唱带翻版" means just pirate versions of tapes."唱带" means tapes. And "翻版" means pirate versions. 2. "人家" means other people. "人家赚到笑" means other people earn a lot by selling the pirate versions of my (the song star's) ...

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