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I'm afraid that an explanation in any book is probably just speculation. The two characters in question have probably been around as long as Chinese characters themselves. This site (chineseetymology.org) is a very useful resource for tracing the history of Chinese characters. In particular, it appears that both 日 and 月 were sometimes also written without ...


"在新标签页中打开" by itself is not a good translation of "open in a new tab". "于新标签页开启", or better "于新页开启", is more neat (though being less "modern"). [1] "在 (place) 中 (action)" / "在 (place) 裡 (action)" is a common translation of "(action) in (place)". It is one of the proper ways to order the ideas in Chinese language construct. "于" in "于新页开启" (or in ...

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