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Stop driving carriage at noon. I'm boring... Hope you can figure it out.... Explanation really hurts,my English very bad,now I feel my brain'RAM overflowed. 御 originally means 'driving a carriage'. This carriage need two people to fire up just like the one in the picture . It can be broken down into several parts:彳,卸。 If you think 卸 is still too ...


Actually, it is taught in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but rarely used in mainland China currently. During the early days of the Republic of China (ROC), a new set of punctuations was introduced in writing and printing. The traditional Chinese is written vertically and a straight line is drawn on the left side of proper noun. For those names of books, a wavy line ...


This page and it's Chinese version might help: Proper name mark - Wikipedia By the way, we do not use underline as a punctuation in modern simplified Chinese writing. But in a passage (maybe classical Chinese texts) where underline is used, 中国 should be underlined according to the rules.

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