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No difference.Just like no difference between 早餐 and 早饭.Do you understand ?


There is a specific case where 哪里 cannot be replaced by 哪儿. When one is praised or flattered, 哪里 or 哪里哪里 is generally considered a proper, polite and humble response in Chinese culture. Its literal meaning is "Where am I? I'm nowhere near as good as you imagine" (although you actually may be that good or even better). Note that it is rarely used among ...


There's no difference in meaning. They are not actually all that distinct: both words came from 哪, a generic interrogative character used for indicating a question. Given an appropriate context (e.g. 在哪), the character expresses the meaning of "where". Both 哪儿 and 哪里 builds upon that. The suffix 儿 is generally meaningless, and reflects the northern ...

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