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Doesn't really resonate with Nixon's foreign policy. He approached China partly to isolate the Soviet Union, but he also had the seeds of globalization in mind. He hated communism, not China per se. Sounds like political garbage North Korea style from the crazy Maoist past.


The etymology of 局 1st interpretation 促也。从口在尺下,復局之。『說文解字』 促也。以㬪韵爲訓。从口在尺下復局之。尺所以指厈規榘事也。口在尺下。三緘其口之意。『說文解字注』 Upper part of 局 represents 尺 (ruler), alluding to rules and canons. Lower (inside) part of 局 represents 口 (mouth), alluding to unbounded freedom. 口 (mouth) is under (inside) 尺 (ruler): 局 implies a sense of constraint. 2nd interpretation ...

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