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罪恶的快乐 or 带罪恶感的快乐 For example, 罪恶的快乐 is used in this article: http://www.360doc.com/content/15/0301/14/11843203_451727066.shtml Compared to 罪恶的快感, I think 罪恶的快乐 is slightly less ambiguous. 带罪恶感的快乐 is not ambiguous but lengthy. In Chinese, shorter sentences are preferred. Some ambiguity can be resolved by context. A slight criticism is in Chinese, precision ...


I found these on douban.com, maybe they are helpful. 偶尔纵欲 暗爽


How about 恶趣味? Literally "an evil interest". For your example, For the renowned sushi chef, eating fish sticks drowned in tartar sauce was a guilty pleasure. 对于一位有名望的寿司师傅,吃着配上塔塔酱的鱼柳条是种恶趣味。 Some other interesting translations include: 罪快乐. It takes the pronunciation of 最快乐 (happiest) to imply that it's the happiest, yet a "crime". 罪乐感. It ...

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