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Maybe 以子之矛,攻子之盾 is the answer, I couldn't find another alternative. Description on Baidu Baike


心存高远意守平常好听点,I don't know why I have to type at least 30 letters.


This is a direct translation.. Sounds okay to me. 雨後的一道陽光


If you wanna say that the clouds disappeared and the rain stopped. 晴 must be the answer. (天晴了) But if you wanna say a beam of light projects, it should be 射. (云层间射出一道阳光)


雨霁初晴, it's common and easy to understand. Your reader won't need a dictionary.


雨过天晴 or 雨过天青 Although quite transparent in it's meaning and long in length, is actually a set idiom and has meanings similar to that of the English you are looking for both literally and figuratively. A Chinese-English Dictionary: the sun shines again after the rain after gloom comes brightness An example sentences from a Chinese idiom ...


How about 霽光? As in the Song Dynasty poem: 一夕輕雷落萬絲,霽光浮瓦碧參差。("after a night's worth of distant thunder and myriad raindrops / then the light after the rain shines shimmeringly on the blue-green roof tiles") Not sure there's a single character for this but can check 康熙 (standard classical dictionary). 霽 as a single character refers to the clearing of ...

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