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By no meaning of bad,among the friends you can say:"混"or"泡" “在朋友家混”,"hang out in friend's place" “在酒吧混”or“泡吧”,"hang out in the bar" “我们今天去泡游泳池”,"We are going to hang out in the pool" "晃悠"also express "hang out" “他和朋友在广场晃悠”,"He is hanging out with friends in the square." When you invite friends on the phone,you can say:“今天出来晃晃?”,or“出来兜兜?”


Why don't you say "一起去玩" / "一起去走走" / etc.? There is no need to stress the phrase "doing something" in this case.


First you were right by using 什么 to mean "something" in Chinese. However, 了 is a past tense indicator, which was not supposed to be there because you didn't hang out yet. The correct way to say “Do something together” in Chinese is: 一起做些什么 or 一起做点什么

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