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Coderzelf's point about the origin of 脑洞 is correct (At least 脑洞 comes from 脑补 is the most accepted view) , but his explanation for 脑补 isn't so accurate. Though sometimes 脑补 is used to express "figure out the actual meaning of something very implicit", more frequently, this phrase is used for deliberate delusions. Another possible origin of 脑洞 is it comes ...


It's a Network buzzwords.always used when someone says something dirty and others will daydream. I'm a little interested in how you know this word, As I know It's only popular in girls who like gay anime :P


It comes from Nao(3)Bu(3) 脑补,which means someone says something very implicitly and you need to figure out the picture in your brain or the actual meaning of it in your brain. so 脑补 can be literally understood as "Fill the holes in your brain" and thus 脑洞大开 means some phrase needs you really working hard in "脑补"

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