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I'll just dump words, and put all data at the end to support my claims as much as I can. Mainland The most common input editor by far on the mainland is pinyin input. Sougou, Windows or Mac's native IME, google's IME (which had an incident of plagiarizing sougou's database), QQ Pinyin, Baidu pinyin etc. For people not satisfied by regular Quanyin (whole) ...


I would recommend Google Pinyin which I use everyday: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.inputmethod.pinyin


Let me try to answer the Cantonese IME's available. I don't have official answer of which is the most popular ones because we use Changjie as well as Cantonese. I am listing the best ones, hopefully these are what people use most. Some of the best third party IMEs are: Cantonese Phonetic IME 廣東話拼音輸入法 - It has Jyutping, Sidney Lau, LSHK, and Yale ...

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