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We don't use too much period, only when you finish saying a short piece of contents. In general your Chinese is good, you know a lot Chinese words. (My English is not good enough, not sure you understand all of my saying) 我还是一个小孩子的时候住在美国。 我是在那儿出生的, 我爸爸妈妈几年后坐飞机来到美国, 他们买到了一个很大的公寓, 我在那家公寓长大, 附近有很多我的朋友。 我们在美国住五六年,然后,我们搬家到印度,由于很大堵车,环境污染,和人口密集,印度给我留下了不太好的印象,...


Firstly, set a specific learning goal. For example, you want to learn daily Chinese or Business Chinese. Secondly, choose the correct learning materials according to your learning goals. Thirdly, you need to learn some Chinese pinyin first, because pinyin is the basic of learning Chinese. Once you master Chinese pinyin, you can learn how to speak Chinese ...


For the long term of view, studying PinYin is a good start. It helps you pronounce correctly every thing you learn later, which I think is the key to make people understand you :)

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