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Dare(!) to speak in every possible situation with your Chinese friends, using the words that you have learned so far. If you don't know a word or an expression, your friends are likely to help you out. Practising your oral skills will make you improve very fast at your level, because it also gives you a better clue at the moment when you look at some ...


You can 考虑 signing up for the 汉语水平考试. There are 六 different levels. 你 might start with 三级 or 四级. 每个 level is 差不多 twice the 难度 as the previous one. Having a 考试 to 准备 for is good 动力. You 也有一个 deadline to keep you on track. I 考的时候 learn了很多 new words. 你还可以 use Anki's HSK 记忆卡片. They are 很 useful. 第二, reading 小说 really helped 我的词汇 and 阅读 ability. 小说比 children's ...


I love children, just registered with "little Ones", Nanny job Agency, a few days ago. I love teaching kids and look after them, full of joy. By the way, I am a Mom with a 20 years old Daughter and my Partner is English, I live in SW London. I was a medical Nurse for 18 years, Senior Care Assistant for 9 years, looking for a Nanny job. have CRB certificate ...


find a Chinese native speaker Nanny!, like me.

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