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1) As @biubiubiu mentioned, the 五年高考·三年模拟 series (in the student community known as “五·三”) is an excellent and authoritative source for past gaokao exams. I don't think there are official resources including complete gaokao exams, and the typical source for students in China are non-official publications like 五·三. 2) The structure and guidelines can be ...


2015年高考真题:http://wenku.baidu.com/topic/2015gaokao_zhenti 不过需要下载分。 2015年高考真题、答案和其它资源:http://www.eol.cn/html/g/gkst/ 可以直接下载,但是需要在论坛里多找找。 历年高考作文:http://www.gaokao.com/guangdong/gdgkzw/ 另外,请善用百度站内的搜索(百度文库禁止GoogleBot访问):http://wenku.baidu.com/search?word=2015%B8%DF%BF%BC+%CA%FD%D1%A7+%BA%FE%B1%B1 附部分题目: 2015 Essay Prompt Guangdong: 2015年广东卷作文题 ...


Many young people in China use the APP like QQ or WeChat chat on the Internet,so you can find someone to be your friend.It is a funny way to learn Chinese.


Thanks a lot for your help! I thought I should post the final version of the notice here. Cheers 聘用廣東話教師 本人正在學習廣東話並且需要一位教師。如果你對廣東話有一定的認識以及懂得教學的話,敬請聯絡本人。 本人願意付學費。要求教師有基本英文或羅馬尼亞語的知識。如果閣下希望在這兩種語言得到幫助,本人也可以提供幫助。 本人聯絡電話:xxx 本人聯絡電郵:xxx

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