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Stephen. I am a Chinese and interested in your Chinese essays.. Could you POST them or one to me , if i can do anything for help , i will repeat to you . you can just post it below , or this is my email : hunter.v.wang@gmail.com Looking forward to your essays.. [You must have 50 reputation to comment] so , i leave the comment in answer ,sorry;


I'm not sure if there is any, but, I can't find one. Maybe you can post your essay here at Stack Exchange and ask for corrections. :)


Some resources for learning Cantonese, Good starter sites: cantonese.ca - This has a good collections of beginner words in useful categories. cantonesehq.com - This site has some tips and tricks for beginner and a collection of mnemonics for absolute beginners. Best online dictionary: cantonese.sheik.co.uk/ - best online dictionary for cantonese ...

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