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Based on your demand, here are my picks. They're locally famous. China mainland 南方人物周刊, a featured weekly on influencing people, with some exclusive interviews. 南方周末, a weekly on politics, economics, culture, and especially recent (past week) controversial topics. 新京报, a daily with Beijing (or China) features. Founded in 2003. 财经网, a good source for ...


Another source mentioning would be The Marco Polo Project. They have a lot of articles including translations (which you probably don't need). It still has 2 main advantages over other sources: These articles are hand picked. So these are usually more interesting than the ones found on people.com.cn and the like. They put their focus in selecting articles ...


There are many websites like PopupChinese or ChinesePod as well as textbooks or HSK practice exams with companion CDs that have beginner appropriate dialogues. One big list of listening materials is here: http://resources.hackingchinese.com/t/Listening. With the online sites you often need to pay additional money for a premium membership in order to ...


http://www.sexymandarin.com is suitable for beginners… I haven't got anything good for exam preparation but if u wanna learn it in depth it's better to find a native speaker and listen to him speaking


If you are interested in financial news, then: 华尔街日报中文版 (Wall Street Journal) 英国金融时报中文版 (Financial Times)


mp3.baidu.com is a music downloading site as far as I know... If you are looking for professional Mandarin recording of selective Chinese articles (includes Lu Xun's article sometimes), I would suggest the Yuedu.FM. BTW, VeryCD is no longer a file-sharing site anymore because of copyright issue, and all download links has since been removed. However, the ...

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