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I don't play this game, so I could not guarantee the correctness, I just search it for you. Maps (http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2088067025?see_lz=1) 01_卡累利阿_karelia 02_马林诺夫卡_malinovka 03_坎帕尼亚_campania //已变为幼儿园专用图 04_锡墨尔斯多夫_himmelsdorf 05_普罗霍洛夫卡_prohorovka 06_安斯克_ensk 07_拉斯威利_lakeville 08_鲁别克_ruinberg 10_湖边的角逐_hills 11_穆勒万卡_murovanka 13_埃勒斯堡_erlenberg ...


Are you learning for the tests, or are you learning for real? Listen to Chinese radio. Fill your phone with audio books (librivox, tingbook). Watch movies. Immerse yourself, and you will find that those ridiculous tests are too simple for you.


Listening is indeed mostly a matter of practice and there is little you can do if you have an exam next week. Improving listening ability takes a lot of time and short-term cramming won't help. I'm going to separate this answer into two parts: one short-term and one long-term. Short-term In the short run, you can do a few things to improve your chances of ...


One suggestion is to listen to some old stuff because too many slangs, especially Internet slangs in nowadays movies, TV shows and something else. Even senior native speakers in China cannot understand them. I used to listen to 成语故事 when I was a kid. I believe you can find tons of them online.


There are many websites like PopupChinese or ChinesePod as well as textbooks or HSK practice exams with companion CDs that have beginner appropriate dialogues. One big list of listening materials is here: http://resources.hackingchinese.com/t/Listening. With the online sites you often need to pay additional money for a premium membership in order to ...


http://www.sexymandarin.com is suitable for beginners… I haven't got anything good for exam preparation but if u wanna learn it in depth it's better to find a native speaker and listen to him speaking

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