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It is really difficult to catch what he is signing in background. And actually don't seems to follow the original order of the lyric 4:44 魚兒魚兒魚兒慢慢游 (I think he join in the later half in this line) 4:48 游啊樂悠悠 (not in original lyric) 4:52 從不覺不自由 (not in original lyric) 5:05 滄海多麼遼闊 5:09 再也不能回首 5:21 只要你心里有我 (original guess, guessing first 4 characters) ...


沧海多么辽阔 再也不能回首 只要你心里永远留我 一天到晚游泳的鱼啊鱼不停游 一天到晚想你的人啊爱不停休 从来不想回头 不问天长地久 因为我的爱 因为我的爱覆水难收 鱼儿鱼儿鱼儿水中游... From your pinyin it looks like that's the part you are missing

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