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现在:means right now. 正在:means be doing something 还在:after doing something for some time and still doing the same thing.


A1: 你现在在干什么? B: 我正在做作业。 A2: 你怎么还在做作业呀! I think Frank is correct to say, the 2nd 在 A1 and the 在 in B and A2 has become a particle equivalent to 'ing', except, of course, it sits in front and not behind the word it acts upon. '在干' and '在做' If you know any Spanish, it is easier to understand. There are 2 verbs for 'be' in Spanish, namely 'ser = be' and ...


Generally, “现在” means NOW; "正在" means NOW DOING SOMETHING; "还在" means STILL BE DOING SOMETHING; Here's a technique in understanding those words: The key in understanding the words is "在": The "在" AFTER “现在” in the first sentence and that IN the words “正在” and "还在" is equal to the progressive tense in English. "现在"(NOW), “正”(NOW/CURRENTLY), “还”(STILL) ...


现在: Now A: 你现在在干什么?: What are you doing now? 正在: Currently B: 我正在做作业。: I am doing homework. 正在is this sentence can be translated to doing something at this particular moment, in English you just add ing at the end for currently doing something, but in Chinese you don't have this, so you use 正在 to express doing something now. 我正在做...becomes "I am ...

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