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I don't agree that "Mainland Mandarin" is a stress-timed language. Where did you get the "general agreement"? In addition, I think that Mandarin is Mandarin. The difference between "Mainland Mandarin" and "Taiwan Mandarin" is smaller than British English and US English. Back to your question. Even the words/names are translated from other stress-timed ...


顺其自然 Let things evolve following its natural ways. It's similar to "let it be" or "see how it goes" in English.


I am an online Chinese tutor at iChineseLearning. Hope my answer will help you.As for your question: 顺其自然 is a Chinese idiom which literally means "(let things) follow the natural way." 顺 has the meaning of "to follow, to obey" 其 is traditional Chinese, has the same meaning as the modern Chinese phrase "他的,她的 or 它的". 自然 is nature. Maybe this example can ...


I wouldn't say let it go express the same idea here. Let it go kind of means fully express yourself the way you are, while 顺其自然 describes a future state, to let things happen naturally, accept whatever coming along the way. So my suggestion: Let it be. As in Beetle's Let it be


Well, I am a Chinese, so I think I can have a try. "顺", means let it be, or just like the song from the movie Froze, let it go. "其", means itself. "自然", means what it means to be. So, put it together, it means, just let it be what it should be, do not intervene. It usually used to comfort someone who just failed something.


黑 is the verb you are looking for. 被黑了 is the common phrase form of "been hacked". If you feel 黑 is too ambiguous you can add an object behind it to turn it into a VO (verb object) phrase: 黑电脑, etc. Alternatively Oxford suggests: 5 COMPUTING, COLLOQUIAL 窃取 to hack secret data from computers 从计算机里窃取机密资料 Personally I would just go with ...

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