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In most cases 喂 means that you want to remind him it's not right to do things like this. It's pronounced as wei4, not wei2 in a phone call.


伊妹兒 is just a translation of the word email. The pronounciation is very similar to email. But avoid it when writing stuff. I think it's just for informal conversations.


I think some people also just say 发个email。电子邮件 though is definitely used more than the transliterated version. I'm not sure it's used more than just the English word.


I guess you should avoid 伊妹儿 (that almost looks like a girls' name or person name). 电子邮件 is the preferred and widely used term. If you need a verb to express 'to send an e-mail', use 发 with 电子邮件: E.g. 请给我发个电子邮件。 Please send me an e-mail.

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