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To translate directly: Even if making a mistake this time, it is still preferred for the fear of missing the moment. In other words, it means one would rather take this opportunity (perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity) to do something even if it means making a mistake. For the full lyrics of this song 给我一首歌的时间 by Jay Chou, please refer to this ...


You got the general meaning right, but because some details are left out, it is harder to understand the meaning of “只” here. And the context does affect the interpretation. Basically, "只" here means only, which could be interpreted as the only thing you do since the first part says there isn't even a word/news from you after you left. To better illustrate ...


Ave's answer is incorrect. "只 is short for 只能" is normally correct. But here 只 is short for 只是. "我只能把思念压在我心头" is again, a normally correct interpretation. But here you need to put it in context. it means "你只是把思念压在我心头". YOU, not I. 为何你一去便无消息 只把思念积压在我心头 You need to interpret these two sentences together.


Quite a lot of: 1)小兔子乖乖 2)数鸭子 3)马兰花 4)找朋友 For more, please refer to:儿童歌曲列表

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