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I am a Taiwanese, this song is really famous when I was a child. :) In here 算什么 is a phrase to disparage something. The complete usage of 算什么 is 算是什么. (算=>算是) 算是 can represent is (a member of) something.(but not so sure or you're telling someone who may not know this.) in English. For example, 不要這樣捉弄他,這算是一種霸凌 => Don't make fun of him like that, it ...


一眼之念 is an imitation of the structure 一A之B. The structure usually works in the way of noun(B) of a noun(A): 一面之缘 Fate of an encounter 一饭之恩 Kindness of a meal-offering 一国之君 King of a nation Personally I don't think 一眼之念 is a particularly good imitation. Because it would be interpreted as Longing of one look, and like the English expression I've used, it is ...


执着 means 'be attached to; stubbornly pursuit'. In the context of love affections it can be understood as 'obsession' or 'complex'. 一眼之念 It's just one look but I started longing. 一念执着 It's just one time of longing but it has become my obsession.


算什么 = doesn't amount to anything/is meaningless/ 妹 = young girls (definitely wouldn't apply to models or celebrities) Basically it's like: Lin Zhiling don't mean nothing to me - I love Taiwan girls


A quick baiduing revealed: Wenku (Baidu): Your eyes whispered "Have we met?" 你的眼低于呢喃,我们是否曾经遇 Zhidao (Baidu): Your eye's whispered "have we met?" 你的眼睛悄悄向我传达着“我们以前见过吗” Tieba (Baidu) 你迷人双眼像是在低语“我们曾否见过面?” Your eyes whispered "have we met?" Music (Baidu) Your eyes whispered "have we met?" / 你眼低语:“我们见过?” ...lot's of translations ...

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