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Here "只" means "can do nothing but", 为何你一去便无消息 只把思念积压在我心头 is to say "I can do nothing but miss you"


You got the general meaning right, but because some details are left out, it is harder to understand the meaning of “只” here. And the context does affect the interpretation. Basically, "只" here means only, which could be interpreted as the only thing you do since the first part says there isn't even a word/news from you after you left. To better illustrate ...


"只" means "but only". you can understand it like this: "why you gone, I can't find you, touch you, hear you.You disappear in my world totally. I tried but can't get any message of you, only the endless missing on my heart".


Ave's answer is incorrect. "只 is short for 只能" is normally correct. But here 只 is short for 只是. "我只能把思念压在我心头" is again, a normally correct interpretation. But here you need to put it in context. it means "你只是把思念压在我心头". YOU, not I. 为何你一去便无消息 只把思念积压在我心头 You need to interpret these two sentences together.


It means, 尽管你同意和我见面,但是你和我一见面之后就要分手(Although you wish to see me again, but as soon as our meeting is over, you coldly leave me without a message).


Here, I thinks 只 is short for 只能, so it actually means since you leave without a message, 我只能把思念压在我心头.


The meaning of "只" is only. only the thought in my mind backlog.


Your interpretations is quite right. The lyrics means: Even though we met again, but soon we separate again. It should be treated as a goodbye, rather than a meeting.

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