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No. It became a variant way earlier than that. There may well have been a document to that effect in 1995, but it would not have been anything new. It is well established that 劵 and 券 were two different seal scripts characters, as @HenryHO points out. However, according to Qing Dynasty linguist Tuan Yu-tsai's annotated version of Shuo-wen Chieh-Tzu: ...


I think there's a couple more important distinctions. 中间 is used for when talking about the physical location being in the center/between. ie. You would say: 箱子的中间有个人。 之间 is used when abstract things are in the center/between. This applies to things like numbers. ie. You would say: 我们之间没有爱。 Here's a specific example of how the two words have ...


To me,中间could also means between(no more than 2) while it could also mean Among if you are talking about more than 2 objects. Like 我和他中间 is perfectly fine to use. But 中间 seems to emphasize on "right in the center between two objects". while 之间 just says "anywhere between two objets".


I have finally managed to locate the document and the forum thread that lead me to it: http://www.china-language.gov.cn/wenziguifan/managed/003.htm User pts posted the best comments on the Skritter thread "刀/力 recognition" from November 2011: 1. 券 [quàn] means tickets or bonds. This one is easy. zdic.net defines 劵 [juàn] as 倦 (tired, exhausted). In ...

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