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There is a really good podcast from Taiwan that I like. I think you can try listening to it if you want more "exposure" to the language: 青春愛消遣


My response may be opinion-based, but I'll provide it anyway because it may help you. Are you just too old to learn Chinese? I find it very hard to remember the characters. The way Chinese folks do it is through rote memorization. However, they have the added advantage of usually knowing the language before they begin writing. You probably don't. ...


@wuerling's answer is right. There is another reason. Consider similar situations in English: shit --> shoot --> shucks --> sugar, hell --> heck, god --> gosh. Minced oath substitutes or euphemistic expressions formed by misspelling, mispronouncing, or replacing a part of a profane, blasphemous, or taboo term reduce the original term's ...


This Youtube video shows how to enable iPad's builtin system chinese hand writing keyboards. Once you enable one of them, you can use it not only for Pleco but also for any apps.


The real thing you need is an input method supporting stroke input. A Sogou input method is recommended. You can download it on its website. Use this input method to input the character you have seen, and look it up in any Chinese dictionary app.


When you are handing over a gift: 送给你。("A gift for you."), or 给你。 ("For you."), or 这是给你的。("This is for you.") You can expand it, like: 这是给你的...。 ("This is a/some ... for you."), or 这本书是送给你的。("This book is a gift for you.") Don't forget that in some cases, you have to use 您 instead of 你. You can make it more polite by saying: 请收下 ("Please accept ...

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