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Saying 喂 is like saying "Hi..." when you answer a phone in Chinese. The following are some common phrases that can used to answer a phone. 喂,你好。 wéi, nǐ hǎo. Hello. 小王在吗? xiǎo wánɡ zài mɑ? Can I speak to Xiao Wang? 对不起,你打错了。 duì bù qǐ, nǐ dǎ cuò le. Sorry, you made a wrong call. And this is a good place to know more simple Chinese phrases in different life ...


You can look at the question from a number of different aspects: Reading & Writing: as discussed, if you know Chinese then learning Kanji won't have such a high steep learning curve. However, having to deal with other writing systems makes it more difficult. If you know Japanese then it is easier to move to just one writing system. Speaking & ...


Following what 倪阔乐 mentioned, here is a helpful visualization for how the newly formed pseudo-character looks like:


http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/duang-how-jackie-chan-helped-780040 Citation, with explanation of the word in bold: Think that your hair is looking particularly good today? In Chinese popular culture, it's looking "duang." A Chinese phrase that came out of nowhere, "duang" has taken the Internet by storm, even though many don't really ...


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ModL1vD1A7U It means cool, damn or whatever you want it to mean. Informally, the character is 成 over 龙, that is after the innovator.

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