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In addition to what @Sweeper has mentioned: there is a natural tendency in Chinese to minimize the number of characters in compound words, e.g. 北京大学 becomes just 北大 in colloquial language. This is akin to abbreviations in other languages, e.g. California Institute of Technology vs. Caltech. But this point is only distantly related to your question. To focus ...


These are just short forms of words. Chinese people don't like to say that many syllable in casual conversation. Of course you can say 我有一个会议 but it will sound more formal to the others. And the 今年是兔年 example when you say 兔子年 it feels very weird because its kind of like a habit now and people just got used to it. That's what we call 約定俗成 Actually these 2 ...


You are all experts on chinese culcure. But allow me to add some comment. Another Chineses expression regarding 吃我豆腐 is 占我便宜,which also means taking advantage of me. But in the contemporary era, girls use 吃我豆腐 to expecially describe some one touched her boobs. Because they bear great similarities in both appearance and feel.


I recommend Wechat for you, the most popular social platform in China, where you can chat with your Chinese friends, browse their daily life state etc. I have the same experience with you, I worked in China for half a year and now I'm back to US. I have been learning Chinese with Hanbridge Mandarin for the past month or so, and I can already see a huge ...


I took the CEDICT file and wrote a script on it. The file has 113k dictionary entries, so it covers a very large portion of the Chinese vocabulary. There are 1522 different pinyin syllables in CEDICT, when you distinguish tone numbers (like, ma1, ma2, ma3, ma4, ma). If you do not care about tone numbers, you'll get 413 syllables (ma, mo, mi, etc.) Here's ...


As Maroon points out in a comment, you have to say which dialect you are asking about. This answer is for Standard Chinese, aka Mandarin. It also depends on what sort of stuff you include. Counting the distinct lines in the syllable index of the Pinyin Chinese-English Dictionary, I get 420 "lines" but this includes some very marginal stuff such as tei, ...


The answer to this could well depend on the specific language meant by "Chinese". For instance, Cantonese supposedly has over 600, which isn't surprising because of larger variation of vowels and the presence of more ending consonants. (I am unsure as to whether this figure takes tones into account.) I will assume that this is about 普通话, since that seems to ...


I use 你天真的可爱(with smile) personally. ( You are naively lovely.) Conventional arms so people won't get angry. others: 你的智商该充值了.( You need to put money on your IQ.) 你的智商明显余额不足.( Your IQ balance is apparently insufficient.)


You intent to insult someone. So.... How about "你是为了看起来显得高才带着脑袋的么?" "Do you bring your head with you only to look taller?" That works for me every time.

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