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产业 chan3 ye4 = industry 企业 qi3 ye4 = enterprise 商业 shang1 ye4 = business Notice each of the words contain "业". That one character means business. All three of the words mean business but different types of businesses based on size. Kind of like bread, then branching off into wheat bread, white bread.


大约 is mostlty to describe quantity ,value,time,date,which are related to numbers. 差不多 is to tell two or many things are similar.


大约 means "approximately", 差不多 means "almost". 大约 is normally used as an adjective or adverb in phrases like: 大约四英尺厚的雪 snow that is approximately 4 inches thick 差不多 can be used in a similar way, but it's more commonly used as an adjective-verb: 这两本书的内容都差不多 these two books' contents are about the same However, 这两本书的内容都差不多一样 (with 差不多 as an adverb) means ...


当推: should/ought to (应当) be/mention/select/elect/recommend (推举/首推, 指出, 是) 魏大肚:Nickname of someone whose family name is Wei (魏) and who has a beer belly (大肚). 当推魏大肚:should mention Big Belly Wei More example: 论这村里最聪明的,当推王小二。 Talking about the smartest guy in the village, it must be Wang Xiao Er. (People will all choose Wang Xiao Er as the answer to the ...

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