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A friend and I have started to collect a list of characters easy to misread by language learners:


List of 236 sets of commonly confused characters on Cantodict.


There is NO software that can check Chinese grammar mistakes with satisfactory results. Automatic grammar analysis is hard. We cannot even get satisfactory result in word segmentation. (Well, this is the story in research field) Microsoft Word has the functionality of spelling and grammar check for Chinese (it may not be installed by default in non-Chinese ...


I don't know of anything exactly like that, but you can find characters with similar structure at, and you can see the structural decomposition of characters at Wikimedia Commons.


I started a web site to collect and help differentiate similar-looking Chinese characters: You can either search for a character to view a list of similar ones (e.g. search for 主 and get 王, 玉, 壬) or just browse the database. Lists show the characters placed side-by-side for easy comparison as well as definition breakdowns and links to ...

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