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The important thing for understanding Chinese in spoken form is not how many characters you recognize (though this is the traditional measure of "how good" someone's Chinese is -- which makes no sense at all!). The acid test is how many words you know. Words are often composed of more than one character in written form, so the character/word correspondence ...


1) "颠不出话来还颠不出尿来" Here 颠 means shake, shaking. "Even I cannot shake you word out, I can shake you ... out" 2) "长出了百十亩高粱" 110 should be read as "一百一十", neither of the "一" can be omitted. 3) "唱戏的,你给我出来! 你他妈阴不阴,阳不阳的" I guess he's calling him a eunuch, who is considered neither 阳 (male) nor 阴 (female). 4) "掉到福窝窝里, 还整天五眉三道地转不过来" It is ...


I can recommend 'Happy Chinese' for some basic Chinese-spoken episodes with both Chinese and English subtitles. You can find it on google..

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