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Pronunciation ≠ Spelling! It's very important to distinguish spellings from pronunciations, so I'm using IPA throughout my answer. I don't know how you pronounce "wang" or "wong", but it's very likely that the closest pronunciation available in your dialect of English is neither of them. Chinese pronunciations I'm basing my IPA off of the Wikipedia help ...


Wang is the form of 拼音 (Pinyin). Wong is the form of 粤语 (Cantonese, Used in Guangdong province and Hong Kong). But The Cantonese style is a little different from Pinyin style, because Hong Kong used to be owned by Britain. British guys want to learn Cantonese more easily so they create the style. Notice that "Cantonese" means "广东的/广东人/广东话 (粤语)". "Canton" ...

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