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实验 is used for operations and activities done to test a scientific theory or hypothesis. An example: 经过反复实验,证明这一结论是正确的 试验 is used to inspect the function or effect of some physical thing (something that already exists). It's typically done in some lab. Some examples: 新农药要经过反复试验才能推广 试验新机器 新办法试验后推广


I don't know the nuance carried the English word "tool". But according to your description, I don't think there's such nuance in Wang's article. It is just a normal euphemism, with no added meaning to the original word (penis). Basically, 傢伙 would carry a similar connotation as "manhood" or "member" (maybe without the informality associated with "member").


There's also 嘛 and 吗. Practically, there is little difference between the two, aside from the pronunciation. 吗 is most used in questions where speaker is usually neutral about the question. 嘛, although not applicable in your given example, it can be used to question or affirm. I.e., used with to express emotional context (positive or negative given the ...


Simply put: 实验 - An experiment 试验 - A trial


Anything with 8 or double 8 is best. 68 is or 28 may also be considered favourably. Avoid the use of anything with a 4 as this is associated with the same phonetic sound as death... I think that covers them all.

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