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五 乘以 十的 十二次冪 Five times 10 to the 12.


early/low: 二十几(度/岁)、二十(度/岁)多一点儿、二十(度/岁)出头、二十一二(度/岁) mid: 二十五六(度/岁)、二十五(度/岁)左右 late/upper: 二十七八(度/岁)、将近三十(度/岁)、三十(度/岁)不到 1.Note that 左右 means about, which means "may be bigger or smaller than". 2.Note the position of quantitative word, herein represented by 度/岁. 3.Do not use 二十八九岁 in the last case (or similarly, 二十六七、二十三四、二十四五 for previous cases) unless ...


In colloquial speech, "20多度" "20来度" "20度出头" are all acceptable. However, one would definitely not expect to see them in formal speech (like a televised weather forecast) or in writing. First of all, it seems to me that Chinese weather forecasts would probably prefer "20度左右" or "大约20度" (around 20 degrees) to any of these terms. If one insists on finding a ...


For early/low 20s I'm not very sure about the EXACT ranges (if any) that "early 20s" and "low 20s" refer to in English. But in Chinese, you may at least have three options to choose from, according to "how early/low" the range that you intend to express is: early 20s 20多岁 or 20来岁 or 20岁出头 low 20s 20多度 or 20来度 or 20度出头 e.g. A weather forecast broadcast ...

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