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1.我还以为他不走了呢! 2.我还以为他不走了! 3.我以为他不走了呢! 4.我以为他不走了。 "我还以为他不走了呢" which means"我以为他不走了"can be translated "I thought he'd not leave."In this sentence,we use"还"and"呢"to emphasize,which as you mentioned,indicated ‘unexpectedness’. "还……呢"means emphasis.It can indicate more than unexpectedness. Here some examples. -我还没吃过呢! -I haven't eat yet. “了”is a perfective ...


As far as I know, 不...了 means "not...anymore". So I guess the sentence should be "I still thought he wasn`t leaving anymore".


I am a native speaker, but keep in mind that some native speakers suck at grammar. 呢 just adds to the tone and doesn't really mean much, but if left out in some sentences, the sentences would not sound natural. I guess you're right about the “以為‧‧‧呢” sentence pattern. 了 here indicates an action done, like the past participle tense. 不走了 means "(decided) ...

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