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I am Chinese. I can feel some mistakes in the previous answers Sentence-final particles can be very hard to English speakers, because they never exist in English. 我们去吃饭吧 - Normal suggestion 我们去吃饭啦 - To inform(the listener is excluded. May be past aspect), with some little sense of happiness. Equivalent to 了啊 我们去吃饭喽 - More happiness, even some exciting, ...


穿 and 穿上 are usually like English 'wear' and 'put on'. The sentence 我正在穿上毛衣 means 'I am putting on a/the/my sweater'; I think this is quite unambiguous. The sentence 我正在穿毛衣 is a little bit odd (to me), but can be interpreted as 'I am wearing a sweater'. 穿上 is an action, which has a beginning, middle, and end. 穿 is often a state, if you like, with no ...

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