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听 is a verb, for example 听歌 (listen to a song). 听力 is a noun: the ability to hear


I would suggest "engage in academic pursuit", as 學問 is what academia is all about.


Consider the following: A Chinese-English Dictionary engage in scholarship; do research 他是做学问的人, 不会做买卖。 Tā shì zuò xuéwèn de rén, bù huì zuò mǎimai. He's a scholar and no businessman. ABC engage in scholarly work 他是个做学问的人。 Tā shì ge zuò xuéwen de rén. He's capable of scholarly work. Oxford (Pocket) engage in ...


A Chinese-English Dictionary rouse the deaf, enlighten the benighted 先生这番议论, 真可谓之振聋发聩。 Xiānsheng zhè fān yìlùn, zhēn kěwèi zhī zhènlóngfākuì. Your arguments, sir, would make a deaf man hear and a blind man see. Make a deaf man hear and a blind man see is a nice phrase. CC-CEDICT lit. so loud that even the deaf can hear (idiom); ...

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