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I use Sogou input, there's a preference setting for it. And I believe many Chinese input have it too.


Solution for Windows 8.1 Go to Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region\Language (Alternatively, click the downward arrow on the language bar (on the taskbar) to open the menu and click Settings...) Click Add a language Select Chinese (Simplified) Select Chinese (Simplified, China) Once 中文(中华人民共和国) is available as a language, click Options following it. ...


OK, again in mac os x, go to system preferences⋯keyboard⋯input sources⋯press +⋯choose "chinese-traditional" from the left⋯then choose "pinyin - traditional", voila :) remember to check the "show input menu in menu bar", then you can choose the pinyin as input method, and type "out" traditional chinese characters. have fun :)


Google Pinyin is another option for you. In Windows, switch your input method to Google Pinyin, and then use Ctrl+Shift+T to switch to traditional Chinese mode. Now you can type pinyin to get traditional Chinese characters. You can easily switch back-and-forth between simplified and traditional characters by using the same keyboard combination above.

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