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They are different. ba sounds the same as British "Bar." bia sounds the same as the last syllable of "Libya." biaji biaji 的, used to describe the smacking sound of loud eating, e.g. like ducks eating. There is no written character for this word. 有人吃东西为什么嘴老biaji 那么响,让人听着好不舒服. Why do some people always smack their mouths while eating? It makes me very ...


I think there is no word pronounces "bia" in mandarin. They actually have very different pronunciation. For example, 爸's pinyin is "ba". "bia" is more like 比啊。


I think you're reading Mandarin pinyin but expecting Cantonese pinyin. Cantonese pinyin is like this: 化 Jyutping: faa3 / Yale: fa3 话 Jyutping: waa6 / Yale: wa6 and actually it seems to fit what you were expecting!


Google's Pinyin IME allows you to switch between simplified and traditional characters. https://www.google.com/intl/zh-CN/ime/pinyin/

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