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I believe that 𦨻 is a mistake in transcription for 觥 (gong1) because they could look very similar in cursive script. 觥 means drinking vessel and 觥船 means a big drinking vessel, see, e.g., http://www.zdic.net/c/5/f0/248556.htm .


Take a look at this video. This lady tried to use the pronunciation que to rhyme with other e or e endings. It's a lyric by 柳永. The second paragraph goes like this: 多情自古伤离别,更那堪,冷落清秋节! 今宵酒醒何处?杨柳岸,晓风残月。 此去经年,应是良辰好(或“美”)景虚设。 便纵有千种风情,更与何人说! Note that it's not exactly "古音". She just sang in Mandarin and borrowed the 说 sound from somewhere else. I don't know ...

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