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愛人跟人走 my love has gone with someone else 離開已經三年後 It's already 3 years since you left me; 你煞有去無回頭 you gone away without turning back 真是乎人想抹到 [This] really is unexpected. 心肝親像磅心的菜頭 My heart is like a broken radish 想抹到想抹到 I couldn't imagine, I couldn't imagine 你會去跟人走 You would go away with someone else. 無彩我無彩我 You didn't care for me, you didn't care for me, ...


与史郎中钦听黄鹤楼上吹笛 李白 一为迁客去长沙,西望长安不见家。 黄鹤楼中吹玉笛,江城五月落梅花。 Translation is difficult for chinese poems, for charm will be lost for most times. 龙秦 is not the author, the author is 李白 the most famous poet wellknown as the poetic genius libai. The meaning of this poem is: Demoted to Changsha, look west to Changan but there is no home there. Hearing jade flute play in ...

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