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I have a friend,she speak more like"我在我手机听歌”,but actually is "我在我手机上听歌”,in Chinese phrase,prep is most use,In my opinion,this is practicing your listening.Hard to explain in English.


I think "在手机" it self has no appropriate meaning. It's weird that it appears alone. "我在我的手机上听音乐。"is not common too. "I'm online" "我在线"is correct by commonly used. "我在用我的手机听音乐"is correct. Also you can say"在手机里面有很多个应用程序"。


I would say "我**正**在用我的手机听音乐." instead of "我在用我的手机听音乐." because "正在" is a more complete way to express the continuous tense. And if "my" is not the main idea in the context, I think we can say "我正在用手机听音乐." It is because cell phone is kinda personal device and it is not likely let others have possession simply for music.


"在新标签页中打开" by itself is not a good translation of "open in a new tab". "于新标签页开启", or better "于新页开启", is more neat (though being less "modern"). [1] "在 (place) 中 (action)" / "在 (place) 裡 (action)" is a common translation of "(action) in (place)". It is one of the proper ways to order the ideas in Chinese language construct. "于" in "于新页开启" (or in ...


I am doing something on my phone ? Just translate 我在玩手机 “我听音乐在我的手机上。” It is EngChinese. Chinese should be 我在用我的手机听音乐. "在" Can be used in both location (在北京 , in Beijing) and preposition (在看书, Reading).


Your sample sentence should be "我在我的手机上听音乐" as ChineseHulu.com said.And you actually SHOULD not omit the word "上" in this sentence,or it would be a little bit weird to native Chinese people. "在...上" is a preposition phrase.It can be used on representational target like: 在操场上 -- on playground 在沙发上 -- on sofa And it can be used on abstract target like 在手机上 ...

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