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You're right that it's not verb serialization, but 去 is still a verb in this sentence. Instead, 怎么走 is the interrogative adverbial phrase that modifies the V+O 去故宫. Consider the sentence structure of a possible answer to the question: 我 骑车 去 故宫。 S Adv. V O The structure needs no explanation. Now replacing the adverbial phrase with an ...


Someone may guide you to a comprehensive source, but if you want to do prepositioning or left branching, all you need to care about is to make them appear in a logical sense. This basic sense is the same for most languages. You put time first, then the location A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... You put more prominent attributes first ...


有时就连你的父亲也未必信得过,更何况是陌生人。 Sometimes you can't even trust your father, not to mention a stranger. 有时连陌生人你也可以相信,更何况是你的父亲。 Sometimes you can even trust a stranger, not to mention your father. I think even...not to mention would be a proper translation for 连...更何况, 也未必 is just a word indicate that the sentence is negative.

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