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2 alternatives in an abstract sense: iciba: 以(介):例句:他~自学完成了大学全部课程, 征求(动):(有关的人或组织的同意或核准):这问题要~群众,才能做出决定。


Simply write: 我的花園有很多果樹. or 我的花園種了很多果樹. (Now you know why some people wrote Chinglish like "My garden has many fruit trees." or "My garden grows many fruit trees.") For spoken Mandarin, I am not sure. :)


在我花园里有很多果树 is the most accurate. 上 means on, on top of. If you use 上 people will think your garden has a roof, and those fruit trees are planted on the roof. Source: http://baike.baidu.com/view/256231.htm 站 invokes the image of standing on one's feet in a stiff, rigid, upright manner. unless you want to emphasize the upright, honest and steadfast manner ...

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