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I'm a native speaker. This is my speculation, but I believe more or less it's the truth. First, "business" was a little difficult (as it had three syllables) for most Chinese people at that time, so they would like to miss the third syllable, only pronounced it like "busin". Second, both Mandarin and Cantonese (no matter now and then) did not have the ...


According to some scholars,"pidgin" derives from the word "皮钦", which is originally of a Cantonese (a South-China dialect) pronunciation. "皮钦" itself in Cantonese is an inaccurate transliteration of the English word "business",and may be distorted during its spread from person to person,place to place. I personally guess it might be an erroneous ...


fai is not a pronunciation in mandarin, in fact we just read wifi as the English pronunciation, which is similar to wai-fai


According to This wikipdia article, the consonant /f/ didn't appear until late middle Chinese, when it evolved from bilabial stops when followed by a glide /j/ or /w/. However, /ai/ has no glide so /fai/ couldn't possibly ever be evolved.

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