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tudou: 1 tudou: 2 Transcript: 本文限於成都城区中派音系,敬请期待兼容成都与四川盆地各县市现代方音的四川话拼音方案。正文基本选自《成都话音档》录音。文中拼音的加粗字體為聲調和韻母等同普通話有明顯區別的部分。 一、语音 1.1 声母 b [p] 帮bāng 巴bā 不bû p [p'] 滂pâng 怕pá 扑pû m [m] 明mîn 妈mā 木mû f [f] 非fēi 奉fóng 胡fû d [t] 端duān 大dá 达dâ t [t'] 透tóu 他tā 托tô l [l~n] 南兰lân 腊lâ z [ts] 资知zī 照záo c [ts'] 雌cî 彻cê 穿cuān s [s] 苏书sū 生sēn r [z] 日rî 热rê 人rên j ...


Michaelyus's answer to a similar question (link in the comments above) is still very useful. A general resource that unfortunately may be hard to find now is the 現代方言音庫, a series published by the 上海教育出版社 in the mid 1990s. This series consisted of a thin booklet titled XX音檔 (usu 100-150 pages) and a good quality cassette for each dialect. The series ...

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