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A per the topic, I think something like 现代汉语规范词典编辑 would be what you are looking for. From 百度百科: 一、《现代汉语规范词典》中“规范”二字的含义√ 我们从不认为书名中没有“规范”二字的就都是不规范的词典,从不认为有“规范”二字的就都是规范的词典。本词典书名中的“规范”二字指的是体现国家通用语言文字法、国家语言文字方针政策的各项现行的语言文字规范标准,即本词典旨在努力全面严格地贯彻执行这些规范标准。这个含义在本词典的三份序言及前言中已经说明。 Which basically says that they're trying to 'standardize' Mandarin. There's ...


Some resources for learning Cantonese, Good starter sites: cantonese.ca - This has a good collections of beginner words in useful categories. cantonesehq.com - This site has some tips and tricks for beginner and a collection of mnemonics for absolute beginners. Best online dictionary: cantonese.sheik.co.uk/ - best online dictionary for cantonese ...

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