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30 姐姐,奶奶,好好学习,姥姥 and many other AA words. But 23 等等再走,款款都好看,走走停停,朵朵都好看,跑跑步 because 等等 is short for 等一等 走走 is short for 走一走 跑跑 is short for 跑一跑 款款 is short for 每一款 朵朵 is short for 每一朵 when a word AA is short for A一A or 每一A 。it takes 23


I remember having the same question a few years ago. I heard people saying 姐姐 as "jie3 jie" and 等等 as "deng2 deng". My teacher told me that only family members got a 3-0 combination, while the other cases (like verbs) it would be always 2-0. The other family member I remember is 奶奶 "nai3 nai".

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