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Is there a specific order for 雖然 and 當...的時候? No, I do not think there is a specific order for 雖然 and 當...的時候 A way to see the reason is that , you can insert commas in the sentence and see that 當...的時候 is a adverb clause, and 雖然... is a conjunction word. (1) 雖然, 當我們在一起的時候, 有時候我不常常說話, 而且我可能正顏厲色, 我要讓妳知道我很開心。 (2) 當我們在一起的時候, 雖然(,)有時候我不常常說話, 而且我可能正顏厲色, ...


I'm also not sure what the original english phrase means, but normal phrase order has the subject first , followed by time, place and then verb+adverb. If your sentence is "IN which country you eat dinner?" the sentence should be 你在哪个国家吃晚饭?

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