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了 functions both as aspectual and modal particle, in the former case it occurs after the verb, in the latter at the end of the sentence. In images 1,3 the completed aspect of the action is referred to, in images 2,4 了 occurs at the end of the sentence to indicate a change(the emergence of a new situation, change in understanding, opinion,ideas, or action, ...


仿佛: seem; as if ; just like Example1 : 她工作努力,仿佛不知疲倦似的。 She works hard as if she never knew fatigue . Example2 : 无论我提议什么事,她仿佛都不愿干。She doesn't seem to want to do anything i suggest. Example3 : 她她如此美丽,仿佛就像个天使。 She so beautiful just like an angel.


@daniel and @user3835327 have provided enough information on the usage of 仿佛. Your understanding of the sentence doesn't seem to be on spot. It says: ...I have been living there for too long, just like a tree rooted to this land (so that we became inseparable).


天空一片蔚藍 or 天空是一片蔚藍 is sentence, which means The sky is all blue. 一片蔚藍天空 is a phrase, as you said, it means An azure blue sky.

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