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好 may be used with the meaning of 很. The difference is that it's more colloquial. Source: myself =P


I generally agree with Enrico, but I think in general using 好 like this has more of an implication of being impressed than 很. For example, “她吃了好多肉” has an implication of being impressed with the amount, but I don't read that so much in ”她吃了很多肉“, it's more like a statement. I suspect this feeling is quite cultural, so it may vary area by area.


This may be a failure of editing. 啰 is actually discussed in the 1986 Jianhuazi zong biao. According to the 1986 zong biao, 罗 was included in the first list of simplified characters, but 囉 was not. The 1986 zong biao deletes 囉, and makes 啰 its official replacement "by analogy". Your dictionary seems to fall right in this period. Could be the entry you cite ...

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