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these are two totally different words in chinese. becareful about the writing about them, then you will know the difference between them, just like the english words "pee" and "pea".


Chinese characters and phonetics You say: Unlike English, Chinese is not a spelling language, which means there is no hint from the characters for pronunciation!!! Luckily for us, that's not true! Actually, by some estimates, almost 90% of characters have a phonetic component to them. To understand what that actually means, you have to know how ...


This means faithful of course. However the meaning one wants to express by writing this on his body (I bet you see this in tattoos) means "I'm a tough guy and I'm in a gang". That's because loyalty has been regarded to be the most important virtue of gangsters. So a troop wrote this symbol on the body is a good one.


I believe that "工作经历", or less formally "工作经验", would be more appropriate. Baidu has a sample of a resume written in Chinese: 工作经历 2000年5月至今: 担任某瓷器公司的市场部业务员。 主要负责与经销商签定经销合同、办理产品的包装、运输、保险、货款结算、售后产品跟踪、市场反馈以及开拓新的销售渠道等。负责公司新业务员的培训,在实际工作中具体指导和协调业务员的销售工作,并多次受到公司的表扬。 1999年12月至2000年5月:在某公司做市场调查员。主要负责以电话形式向客户提取对产品的意见,并填写相应的表单转报给公司。 经验 translates directly ...


工作详细情况 means work experience in detail. For work experience, some people may just list their previous job titles only, like this: 2000年 - 2003年 在XX公司任人力部职员 2004年 - 2009年 在YY公司任人力部主任 2010年 - 至今 在ZZ公司任华北区总经理 This looks too simplified, so in you resume, it is sepecified as 工作 详细情况 , which means you will need to describe what you did and what you ...

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