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The first sentence means All of us are not students and the second one Not all of us are students (thus some of us may have occupations other than students). 都不是 (all not) is full negation and 不都是 (not all) is partial negation.


硕士 means the college degree in modern Chinese, nothing else, unlike the English word Master. 工程硕士 is Master of Engineering. 硕士英语 is the English course for a student who is pursuing a master's degree. 班 is an assembly in which people study and take exams together, usually consisting of 30 or more people. So to conclude: 工程硕士英语 is the English course in ...


@user58955 Not exactly agree with you 我们也都不是学生 - We also all not are students. Yes, it means we are all not students, there must be used in this situation: A: We are not students. B: Yes, We also all not are students. B agree with A and emphasizes the identify of "Students" not others 我们也不都是学生 - We also not all are students. These are the ...


Yes, they are truly Chinese. From top to bottom: 鹏雅精瓷: “精瓷” is a kind of chinaware, and “鹏雅” is the brand name, I think. 鹏祥:(the words from left to right) I think it is also the brand name of the plate/tea set. 吉:which means “lucky”. I think it is the Chinese character “吉” with a circle around it in the picture. 金顺:in the picture, the words are upside ...


in top picture set of characters looks like 1st column 鹏雅, 2nd column 精瓷, always top to bottom, anyhow googling 鹏雅精瓷 yields as 1st result zhidao.baidu.com with 鹏雅精瓷酒杯 picture below more clearly looks like 鹏祥


I'm afraid the name "the wicked witch of Oz" may be confusing. Baum's original story has "The Wicked Witch of the East (in Oz)" and "The Wicked Witch of the West (in Oz)". Oz, or Land of Oz: 奥兹国, 奥茨国、欧茨国、is almost meaningless in Chinese without referencing the common title of the book in Chinese 绿野仙踪 Since the Wicked Witch of the East dies early in the ...


奥兹女巫 奥兹(Oz) 女巫(the wicked witch)

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