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kanji is the Japanese word for 漢字(Chinese character). It is "hanzi" in Chinese. And only hanzi has tranditional and simplified forms. kanji is also simplified, but kanji has only one official form in Japan. Chinese Simplified is the official writing system in mainland China, Chinese Traditional is the officail writing system in Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan. ...


Traditional Chinese refers to Chinese characters that does not contain newly created characters or character substitutions performed after 1946. But Simplified Chinese refers to standardized Chinese characters prescribed in the Xiandai Hanyu Tongyong Zibiao 现代汉语通用字表 (List of Commonly Used Characters in Modern Chinese) for use in mainland China. In your ...


Stronger with every rebirth makes me think of the phoenix that is reborn from Nirvara once and once again. There is an idiom for this scenario, 浴火重生 or 涅槃重生, which have the same form in both simplified and traditional Chinese.


I like Bolu's translation in your comment. "愈挫愈勇" sounds like a good Chinese expression. It is good that you asked here before you get the tatoo :-) As for your question, CHT (Chinese Traditional) and CHS (Chinese Simplified) are just different writing systems, the actual phrasing/expression depends on locale. For example, the same thing might be expressed ...

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