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there's a blog post with examples about just this question here: http://speakupchinese.tumblr.com/post/115029397455/suoyi-vs-yushi To quote, it says: 所以 introduces the outcome, just as in English where we use ‘therefore’, ‘as a result’ or ‘so’. ... Moving on to 于是. This is used to place emphasis on the chronology of two connected happenings: A –> B, in ...


To me,中间could also means between(no more than 2) while it could also mean Among if you are talking about more than 2 objects. Like 我和他中间 is perfectly fine to use. But 中间 seems to emphasize on "right in the center between two objects". while 之间 just says "anywhere between two objets".


It could be helpful to look at them in ancient Chinese. 于=from,是=这=here (the point). So 于是=from here (or conclude from the point). 所以 is not so straight forward. 以=according to/depend on/use something for some purpose/etc. 所 indicate something is passive. For example AAA所以BBB = BBB depends on AAA/BBB becomes what it is now is due to AAA. So clearly, 于是 is ...

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