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Shields down! 防护(盾)失效 ETA 3 hours 预计3小时、ETA 3小时 Barrel roll 旋转360度 Faster-than-light/Slipspace Jump 超光速 / 次/亚超空间跳跃 Semi-auto 半自动 full-auto 全自动 Paint the target! 标记目标 Active camouflage/invisibility cloak 激活(启动)迷彩/隐身(遮罩) Plasma 等离子 Hovercraft 气垫船 (if it's the real life boat), otherwise use 飞艇 for stuff like the ship used by the shield in the avengers or ...


Chinese is not an official language of Malaysia, but there are many Chinese-education schools and they use simplified Chinese exclusively. All newspapers and official documents also use only simplified Chinese. I think the change from traditional to simplified Chinese happened in the 80s.


Hate to be pedantic, but Hongkong and Macau are not countries, but administrative regions within China. Furthermore, Taiwan’s status is a bit blurred because of the one China principle. As for your question, Chinese is not official language in Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia, so the issue boils down to actual usage, which is mixed and differs by ...


This would work: 你今天下午想跟我和我哥哥一起打棒球么?

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