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In terms of degree of anger, 憤怒 is higher 生气. In terms of context, 生气 is usually used in colloquial context, whereas 憤怒 is usually used in formal context. Another term you may be interested in is 抓狂, which is a colloquial term with degree of anger higher than 憤怒 Here is an interesting joke that can hopefully help you understand better. I have quoted below ...


The first, 生气,would mean angry in the colloquial sense. 愤怒 is a little more strong, and is not usually used in normal speech. You would say, 我生气了. 愤怒鸟 however, means Angry Birds in Chinese.


A good place to look for sentences with these words is, for example, http://dj.iciba.com/%E6%84%A4%E6%80%92-1.html Often, the English is appalling, but I presume the Chinese is good. Then you can see how the words are used in actual sentences, and maybe spot the differences yourself.


For your purpose, instead of learning from a huge list of word pairs, you can use OpenCC. It allows you to convert between simplified and traditional Chinese. One big advantage of learning with this tool is that you can also learn different word-choices among the Chinese-speaking communities, e.g. Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China.

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