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It depends on the context, like CEO of Apple Cook admit he is bent in public media, may just state one truth, The word itself doesn't contain nay offensive information. but if you are angry, and quarrel with someone, then you said the person is bent, then the guy will become crazy, it's really hurt.


Yes, it's referring to homosexual recently. It depends on the context. The word itself doesn't contain any offensive information.


It's a Taiwanese slang. 機車:在台灣有時會用來形容人難以相處,作為一種罵人用語。由來為台灣閩南人中,部分人士對於令人不滿 的人會以粗俗詞語「欠姦」(閩南話)來形容,甚至以「膣屄」(閩南話,發音類似「機掰」)取代「欠姦」, 但由於感到不雅或故意作為玩笑,起於民國80年代的學生族群,有一些人「機……」第一個音發出後,第二個 音改接「車」而成為「機車」。 ref : wikipedia of 機車

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