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If you don't mind carrying some informal words and be really "native", you can say "吊diao爆了"。 The word 吊 is a little "obscene" as it refers some male reproductive organ but it's pretty commonly used on internet. Literally translated: "It's so big that it looks like it's gonna explode." It actually means:"That's so cool, like a boss!"


"大大" or "大神" is the slang which means the people is the master like a god.


I think 颐指气使 is another translation (less slang, though). From Baidu 指不说话,只用面部表情来示意。形容有权势者指挥别人的傲慢神气。 From ichacha order people about by [with] gesture; act as one pleases without considering the feelings of others; arrogant; be bossy to others; be insufferably [unbearably] arrogant; order people here and there by gesture; order people ...


It's just a Japanese word. Chinese cartoon/manga/anime/game/ACG fans borrowed it. Many modern words in Chinese come from Japanese, such as "物理" and "化学".


It's homophonic of 溜, which means proficient, smooth (in doing something) in Nothern dialects. Note it doesn't imply a top degree of mastery. It's more like nice instead of pwned. The use of number 6 first appeared in online games, then spread to internet contents. Some examples for the original word: 他爬树很溜(儿)。He's good at climbing trees. ...


I guess it comes from the dialectal pronunciation of 牛 which has the slang meaning "awesome".


The closest I can think of is: 霸氣外露 (bà qì wài lù) Or 霸气侧露 Bàqì cè lù It is a proverb but nowadays commonly used as a slang

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