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After some research into this I found this website: http://docs.bosonnlp.com/ner.html. If you set up an account on their website, you can use their NER functionality (because you need an API Token. I tried their Python example import json import requests NER_URL = 'http://api.bosonnlp.com/ner/analysis' s = ['对于该小孩是不是郑尚金的孩子,目前已做亲子鉴定,结果还没出来,' ...


As mentioned by vermillion, various IME's include this functionality. But there are other ways of doing this. One way could be with a script similar to this one for windows Autohotkey_L. However, Autohotkey is not available for Gnu/Linux, so this would need to be reworked. A good text expansion app for Gnu/Linux is AutoKey. I made an example that can be ...


Python's pypinyin module does what you want. Check it out at https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pypinyin. I highly recommend taking Python's antigravity module for a spin as well, it's a real trip.

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