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What are the right translations of these IT-related terms into (simplified) Chinese: app --> 应用 service --> 服务 consulting --> 咨询 Is there a reliable dictionary that includes such specialized contemporary terminology? The CKJ Dictionary Dict.cn -- an online Chinese/English dictionary [Others]


Build Server: 编译服务器 to build: 编译(编译整个工程) a build: 一个版本的编译,编译的一个版本 a code drop: 一个代码实现 (minor milestone)


优先 expresses priority/precedence/privilege, but not urgency. In this specific sentence it feels redundant to me. I think the person was trying to emphasize that he/she should be the only one on the TO line and others on CC line are FYI (for your information) only.


http://xh.5156edu.com/conversion.html copy the text that you want to convert and paste it in in the upper box, click on "查拼音" and you'll get the pinyin in the lower box. hope this help


http://hanyu.iciba.com/pinyin.html and http://www.ifreesite.com/phonetic/ These websites may do the work, but only for plain text.


Sorry pal, I don't think such software exist for a simple reason of exponential combination process. Chinese pronunciation has so many rules. Add on top of that, there are "occasional" special cases which may be frequent in usage. I gave it a minutes and I couldn't see how such a software could be designed to translate Chinese text to sound symbol. The ...


To PinYin Please use: Chinese version of word or WPS, in word you can see: 用鼠标选中需要注音的文字(拖黑)——格式——中文版式——拼音(Word2003,XP……) for Word2007 or above version, switch to "Home" page and then click this:

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