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It's seems to be GPS coordinates (WGS-84). And yes, Google uses WGS-84 coordinates, but Google map uses State Council GCJ-02 coordinates in China. So, google坐标转成百度坐标 : GCJ-02 TO BAIDU(GCJ-02 + BD09) 原始坐标转成百度坐标 : WGS-84 TO BAIDU(GCJ-02 + BD09) Reference: 百度地图API详解之坐标系转换 GPS坐标换算为百度坐标 百度地图坐标转换(gps google 百度坐标相互转换)


First, there is no legal source to download both of them. More specific, they're content of copyright. The Commercial Press has made great effort to ban online version to protect its interest. So you can hardly find the website which is providing PDF or other format. However, there's another way, but you'd pay a little money(~$2). Visit the greatest ...


In terms of the individual 漢字 (characters), there's the classic 說文解字 (Shuowen Jiezi) written in the 1st to 2nd century AD, which is the first and the most authoritative Chinese dictionary to attempt to trace the origin and evolution of each character. An online version is available here, or ZDict as mentioned above also contains the Shuowen entry. The ...

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