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What are the right translations of these IT-related terms into (simplified) Chinese: app --> 应用 service --> 服务 consulting --> 咨询 Is there a reliable dictionary that includes such specialized contemporary terminology? The CKJ Dictionary Dict.cn -- an online Chinese/English dictionary [Others]


Sorry pal, I don't think such software exist for a simple reason of exponential combination process. Chinese pronunciation has so many rules. Add on top of that, there are "occasional" special cases which may be frequent in usage. I gave it a minutes and I couldn't see how such a software could be designed to translate Chinese text to sound symbol. The ...


To PinYin Please use: Chinese version of word or WPS, in word you can see: 用鼠标选中需要注音的文字(拖黑)——格式——中文版式——拼音(Word2003,XP……) for Word2007 or above version, switch to "Home" page and then click this:


Full-disclosure: I am the founder of Chinese Tutor. The feedback might not be 100% what you are looking for, but this does listen to your voice and give an indication of how well you pronounced each part of a word/phrase: Speaking - Chinese Tutor (Note: Google Chrome required)

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