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It is okay to say Macbook Air in between Chinese, or you can say 苹果的Air电脑 or 苹果的Air系列电脑 if you must. More info: It seems that mainland Chinese are adapting 电脑, but I want to point out both 電腦(traditional Chinese) and 计算机(simplified Chinese) means "computer". 電腦 is used everywhere while 计算机 is only for formal use in mainland China. (計算機/计算机 can mean ...


We call these words "异形词" in Chinese. Definition from Wikipedia: 异形词,是指在普通话书面语中并存并用的同音(指声母、韵母和声调完全相同)、同义(指理性意义、色彩意义和语法意义完全相同)而书写形式不同的词语。例如:“笔画”和“笔划”、“按语”和“案语”、“唯一”和“惟一”等等。实际的使用当中,除了书写的差异之外,它们还有使用频率的不同,但是一般不会造成误解。 中华人民共和国教育部和国家语言文字工作委员会2002年3月31日发布试行了《第一批异形词整理表》。 在繁体中文里面,异形词现象也是存在的。而汉字简化并没有完全消除这些现象,所以从繁体中文中继承也是异形词的主要来源之一。 Here's a link for 《第一批异形词整理表》: ...


You are right, it means 'choose', and the difference of pronunciation, (as a Taiwanese I think it) is due to the song. (The elongation of that note.) So both suán-ti̍k or sng-tia are fine.


I'm Chinese , I think it make no sense to spell this voice in Chinese Characters. And even if you give the spelling , I don't think I can understand what it is. Beside, don't use Chinese Characters to spell any other language's voice unless there is a usage of oral speaking in Chinese.Just write what it is and explain it in Chinese in (). Like this: ...


弗里顿 Fereydoon From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Fereydoon, Fereydoun or Ferydoon (Persian: فریدون) may refer to: Ferydoon Zandi_百度百科 姓名:弗里顿·赞迪

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