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I would use 什么, or 什么什么 as the placeholder for the characters I can't read. In your exmaple, I would say: 北京 什么 西 什么, or 北京 什么什么 西 什么什么, or 北京 什么 西 什么什么, or 北京 什么什么 西 什么. 什么 or 什么什么 can substitute any numbers of characters. I am from Northern China, and I am not sure what words people in other regions in China would use for this purpose.


Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_exclamative_particles But use of exclamative particles is highly informal, and it is advised that they not be used in formal documents or academic papers, unless it is specifically required to do so (such as the case of narrative telling). Some common examples are shown below. 了 le modal particle intensifying ...


I know that in Japanese there are also sentence ending particles that are both gender-specific and can change the tone of the expression. So it certainly isn't random, and you need to be careful when you use which so the correct meaning is conveyed. From what I hear and am familiar with (from a Taiwanese perspective): 我们去吃饭吧 - shall we/why don't we go eat ...

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