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EDIT1: p.s. We usually say “独体字” instead of “单一结构”. EDIT3: I found that we learned Chinese not as much as some of you. Yea, we didn't consult any historical documents. I'm a native Chinese speaker (and...maybe my English is not good enough to express my ideas). As a middle school student, I hadn't heard of "nested structure". Yea, never heard of it at all. ...


Most 漢字 are always categorized the same way, but sometimes there are differing views on how a character should be classified. One dictionary may list a character in a certain way, and another dictionary will list it differently.


The word 'radical' is usually translated from 偏旁 or 部首. But 偏旁 and 部首 are a bit different. People long ago called the left part of a character 偏 and the right part 旁. But later till now 偏旁 refer to components of characters. Some of the components that indicate semantic meanings are called 形旁(semantic radical). Xu Shen(?AD58-?147), the author of the book Shuo ...

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