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账户 is the correct form, and 帐户 is a common typo seen a lot in online services. 账 or 账本 means "books", and 记账 is the action of "accounting". The word 账户 means a "bank account", and is also used as "online account" nowadays. 帐 has meanings related to cloth, like "mosquito net"(蚊帐) or "tent"(帐篷). P.S. There is no entry for 帐户 in The Standard Dictionary of ...


枕头(Zhen Tou) is the pillow which is on your bed. That's the only meaning of that word. However, 垫子(Dian Zi) usually means a mat or pad which you are sitting on. Or means some pad could be put under a glass cup, for instance.


They are the same. Today we recommended to use 账户 if it is about money. 贝 mean "money". 巾 mean "paper".

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