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you may consider: 痊(u+75ca), 癒(u+7652), 瘳(u+7633); all three have the meaning of "recover from illness", or "to be healed". in modern usage, it's common to use "痊癒", my brief checking, that 瘳 is more popular in literary chinese. as usual, it's fuzzy, that these characters alone do not imply it's in process of recovery, or fully recovered. if you want, you ...


恢复 usually means recovering from a state to the original state, almost always implies getting back to the normal and good state. It can be used abstract as well, such as people's mood or a certain feeling. Thus it is not necessary for describing physical things or conditions. 康复 is much more specific. It's always related to health since 康 can mean health in ...


I think both 恢复 and 康复 suggest that the person has fully recovered. The difference between these two term, I think, is that 恢复 is a more general term. When someone fixes a broken machine, you can say this machine 恢复正常 (starts to work). However, 康复 can only be used to describe a person recovers from illness.

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