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今天刮风很大 is right, though it does not fit Chinese habit very well. However, 今天吹风很大 is never used.


The best way to get the ideas about Chinese words is to analyze the individual characters's meaning. So, let us begin. 表达 vs. 表现 vs. 表示 vs. 显示 As the first 3 words have common character 表, we can only focus on the different one. 达 The original meaning is 'a clear road', then it became a adjective, verb, preposition. No matter what it's meanings ...


It's called 免洗洗手液. 免洗 doesn't mean it's not a liquid or doesn't contain water, it means you don't need to wash the hand sanitizer off with water. BTW I only have seen hand sanitizer in hospital in China. Unlike it is everywhere in North America (in malls, office buildings etc.)


I just bought some made in China by Dettol, and the bottle says 免水洗.

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