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Learn Chinese Grammar 3 Time of a Day https://youtu.be/wJMoZj3as8g For detail, you can check through youtube link 二 & 兩 二 a) 102 b) 332 a) 20 b) 200 a) 第二 b) 三點二 c) 二分之一 兩 a) 兩千 b) 兩萬 c) 兩個人 d) 兩隻手 e) 兩半兒 f) 兩兄弟 g) 兩姐妹 兩 & 二 1. 二斤 / 兩斤 2. 二尺 / 兩尺 3. 二圓 / 兩圓


Use 两for easier pronunciation.


I am not a native speaker, but I am answering, because I feel the previous answers explain the development of the character 兩 and not why it become popular. Native speakers please correct me. My knowledge is very limited. @Armfoot has already explained the advantage of having different words for "pair" and ordinal "two". It remains to show why 兩 replaced 二 ...


sometimes we use "死不了" in similar situations. For example: 1 别抽烟了,忍一忍,死不了。 2 不用担心,死不了。 Hope this can be of some help.


把烟熄了,少抽一支又不能少块肉。 = 把烟熄了,少抽一支又不能死。 = 把烟熄了,少抽一支又不能怎样。 = 把烟熄了,少抽一支没什么损失。


不妨 or 无妨 come to mind, surely there are others.

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