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Sometimes 说 = 讲, in Chinese, one word may have a lot of different meaning, and a lot of words may have same meaning. In normal, 说 like we daily use to speak, 讲 like official statement which more formal.


Generally, both are the same meaning of "speak". But still have a little difference: "讲" usually used in oral Chinese,and sometimes it means speak by one person without others' opinion on the topic he talked about "说" different from "讲", it always used in written chinese and refers to many people,they are discussing and expressing their different opinions ...


These two words has become no difference in meaning now, just by using in different words. In the origin, dog is 犬, and the word 狗 is created later. The difference between them is bigger dogs are called 犬, little dogs are called 狗. And later they are mixed.

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