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Drunken (programming) Master is right. These 2 from iciba: It sounds like a wonderful idea to me, does it really work? 听起来这个主意很不错,真的能行吗? His rhetoric sounds like the death rattle of a fading leadership. 他的慷慨陈词听起来像是一个衰落的领导层垂死的挣扎。 They also have examples of 听上去。It's a great site for finding example sentences.


Yes.It is common for "很" to be used before both monosyllabic and disyllabic adj. But when these types of adj./adv. are used, the front "是"are always omitted. For example,我很优秀(I am excelent), 我的国家很强大(My country is powerful). This mechanism covers most of the context. But you may use 我是很优秀,or 我的国家是很强大。It is not grammatically incorrect,but you will hold a tone ...

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