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幺 is used formally in the PRC, as in 幺女, 幺妹, 幺三五, meaning "one" or "youngest". Therefore, it is part of the simplified script, but it was never simplified to begin with. It is a standard character. 说文 says: 小也。通俗文曰。不長曰幺。細小曰麼。許無麼字。象子初生之形。子初生,甚小也。俗謂一爲幺。亦謂晚生子爲幺。皆謂其小也。於堯切。二部。凡幺之屬皆从幺。 康熙字典 also describes this character, and adds at the very end: 俗作么 么 is ...


The following is an excerpt from wikipedia, Classical Chinese Grammar: Grammar Further information: Classical Chinese lexicon Classical Chinese is distinguished from written vernacular Chinese in its style, which appears extremely concise and compact to modern Chinese speakers, and to some extent in the use of different lexical items ...


Google's Pinyin IME allows you to switch between simplified and traditional characters. https://www.google.com/intl/zh-CN/ime/pinyin/

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