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You can try CiYang. It's perfect for unusual characters. You can input those parts of the character separately, it will give the candidate characters for you, including very explicit explanation and usage if there is. For example, you can input 月犬, it will show you 肰(ran2) with explanation and unicode.


I used Wenlin to find them: 𩫁 [mào] 𦑴(=􁭂能䏻𦝕竜) (!龍) I required students to own a copy of Wenlin when I college classes on the Chinese script — it's a very useful program.


If you're having trouble displaying the following characters install the Hanazono font. zisea 𬚆 𬚆 unicode码:2C686 zisea 𩫁 𩫁 unicode码:29AC1 拼音mao4 石 毛 doesn't seem to have much of a record as far as I can tell. No results found for “⿱石毛”. where ⿱ means top/bottom components in order of: 石(top) 毛(bottom) 𥎿 日 also ...

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